Scottish Soccer Should ‘Ban Betting Sponsors

Sport betting is popular among people of many professions. Professional players though are forbidden to put bets online. There are many reasons for it.

First of all, professional players do online betting on the matches they play violate the law. In Scotland, it is fully forbidden. That is why players often get troubles.

Betting and ethics

Scottish Soccer Should ‘Ban Betting Sponsors

One of the most impressive precedents in the history happened with a Scottish player Black. he got a fine of 7 500 British pounds and was forbidden to play in 10 consecutive matches.

When this situation happened the governments of Scotland also decided to forbid the betting companies to sponsor soccer matches. Why is it so important. There are many reasons for it:

  • Betting in many countries is still perceived as a speculative activity. In many countries betting and gambling are forbidden by law. Sports betting on famous platforms is also forbidden in the majority of countries around the world.
  • It is not ethical for the speculative type of enterprises to sponsor football matches. Sponsoring promotes betting around the world. It makes people addicted to it. That is why governments in many countries make everything possible to reject betting companies sponsorships.
  • Football players who bet for the matches in a natural way bring the team to a failure. They are often driven by personal wish. So, they do not think any more about a good of the team.
  • Betting is often associated with gambling. When betting companies post their banners of the gaming field they automatically promote gambling. Gambling is more than forbidden in the majority of countries. That is why Scotland decided not to tolerate betting sponsorships in soccer.

Through, government legislation cannot do too much. In the majority of cases, soccer teams are fully independent from a national budget. That is why they undertake their own sponsorships decisions.

Scottish Soccer Should ‘Ban Betting Sponsors

Soccer teams have to vigilant and clearly understand what type of sponsorships they can accept. Not ethical sponsorship practices will not help to create a determined image of an enterprise.

The case that happened in Scotland is not the only one. There are many similar cases that happen worldwide. Football teams should adapt fine sponsorship practices. It will allow soccer business to get a reputation of a responsible business.

Betting houses are very rich. They can invest a huge amount of money in soccers. Though, such types of businesses are not the only possible sponsors for the football teams. There are many industries that will gladly invest in the football business.

That is why soccer team should seek more reliable financing. They should aim to collaborate with reliable partners. It will help them to gain a reputation of reputable businesses.

Having a fine brand image is crucial in today’s world. It ensures business durability and profitability in the future. That is why soccer teams should seek more reliable partners.