Football players that love gambling – including Ronaldo

Gambling can in some ways help diffuse tension and ease up a little bit. This is the reason why many celebrities love spending time on their favorite games. And football players are no exception to this trend. Since we’re here, let’s start with Christiano Ronaldo and then have a look at other players.

A real poker-face

Ronaldo is no doubt one of the greatest football players of our generation. And like many other A-listers, he’s been enjoying poker for quite some time now. He even signed up to promote one of the poker sites a few years back, which further sealed him to the industry.


He has mentioned several times that he enjoys the strategic aspect of the game and even though football is his world, poker has always been his game. Ronaldo has previously taken part in several poker games and tournaments, including the special charity matches where he’s been against other celebrities like Aaron Paul.


One possible factor contributing to the celebrities’ love of poker is the level of fairness on the field. Football players like Ronaldo are among the A-lister in their field, which can definitely be a source of accomplishment for anyone. But sometimes being a ‘chosen one’ brings with it a big pressure of always maintaining your level of mastery. To ease that pressure players turn to games like poker, where they can still strive towards victory and do that without being compelled to do so.


One other thing to keep in mind is that football players are confined to staying in their hotel rooms and avoiding any distractions. It includes no drinks, no sex, no junk food, etc. Basically, they’re locked in. One thing they can do is turn on the TV, play video games, or play cards. Some players even play slots games like Alien slots with their distinctive designs and entertaining gameplays.

Other gamblers

Now let’s take a look at other players who also enjoy not only poker but other gambling games.


Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri seems to also enjoy the world of poker. He has, on several occasions, been spotted playing poker in the casinos of Las Vegas and London with his girlfriend and old teammate Marouane Chamakh.


Sometimes celebrities find it hard to admit their love to gambling games. Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse had a disagreement with his team for wearing a shirt with a money lending company’s logo on it. Cisse insisted that his Muslim faith prevented him from being involved in money lending with interest but after a while, he was spotted playing Blackjack at Aspers Casino in Newcastle, which undermined his original claims.


Wayne Rooney was a subject of scrutiny several years ago for his escapades in sports betting, which has almost dissipated and he’s at the top of his game now. But the player still enjoys standing at the craps table. He claims that playing the game of “roo-lette” lets him ease up and diffuse tension. And with the paycheck of some £13 million per year, he’s got a lot of cash in his pocket to play with.


On the football pitch, strategic planning and calculation can decide the fate of the game. Some of the top players have mastered this ability so well that they’re capable of transforming it into other fields. Poker, craps, roulette, Blackjack – these are the games that require not only chance but also good strategizing, which is something that attracts many football players. Playing those games helps them ease up the pre- or post-game tensions and also, enjoy the company of their friends.