Camels, Dentures & Hula Hoops: 9 Unusual Las Vegas Laws

Gambling in Los Angeles requires from a player much knowledge. A player has to know what is legal in Las Vegas casino. This depends very much on Las Vegas laws. Some of them are very impressive.

America definitely has a different culture Europe has. That is why some of the American laws will truly impress Europeans. In the US each state also has its particular legislative system.

Las Vegas and its laws

Las Vegas is a paradise for people who want to enjoy life. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy beaches and to play at casino houses. Here are the most interesting regulations Las Vegas has:

  • Canales regulation. In Las Vegas canales are forbidden on the road. It can seem strange to Europeans. But camels on the rod can create chaos. For this reason, they are not allowed on the highways. This law has historical origins. Back in the 19th-century camels were used as the method of transport. They used to transfer goods from one part of the Nevada desert to another one.
  • Dentures regulation. This is another controversial law issued by Las Vegas authorities. This law corresponds to a famous TV show Pawns Stars. In Las Vegas, there is a The Pawns stars. The only thing forbidden to be sold there is a denture. There is no exact reason why it is this object was chosen. Though, to it the law.
  • No slave law. It is another regulation that seems impressive for many. On the territory of Las Vegas, an individual can not own a slave.
  • Do not throw things from a chairlift. It is quite a reasonable regulation. It states that no one can throw items from the chairlift. It is a good law because people used to that quite often. Such garbage often cannot be cleaned. It made Las Vegas authorities to issue a regulation.
  • No animal shooting, especially from a plane. It is a good regulation. Though it states no animal shooting from a plane it is not good to shoot animals from anywhere. No shooting animals is a law that should be adopted in other countries.
  • Do not hire a communist. Though, the times of the rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union passed, such a law still exists. No one legal entity can do business with a communist. It is better not to risk.
  • No hula-hoops on Fairmont street. This is one of the most crowded streets in Las Vegas. If you would like to exercise with a hula-hoop there, keep in mind that it is forbidden by law.
  • No hip-hop concerts. Hip-hop music is known as very controversial. Back in the middle of the 20th century, a black hip-hopper was killed after giving a concert during a night in Las Vegas. As hip-hop entertainment led to the poor consequences it is forbidden today.
  • Do not feed pigeons. These animals if angry can attack pedestrians. That is why local Las Vegas authorities forbade to feed these animals.

These are the most impressive Las Vegas laws you should know about. If you come to the city make sure to obey the law. Otherwise, you will get into a trouble.