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Reel’em In WMS Slot

Reel’em In

The Reel’em In slot is a pearl of WMS, a game combining a coherent underwater theme with amazing graphics to deliver an exceptional player experience. It saw the world in 2017 and made it to the hearts of thousands of gamblers. Fishing is also a type of gambling, with no wins guaranteed, but as soon as you catch a big wish, isn’t that a jackpot? Reel’em In also lets you in for a chance to get a big catch!

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Ruby Slippers Slot Online

Ruby Slippers

Are you a fan of Wizard of Oz? Though you might have grown up and now consider yourself too old for the fairy tales, the Ruby Slippers slot is a great way to re-experience the wonders in a new, adult way. Follow the adventures of Dorothy and help her get back home while scoring huge wins!

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Spartacus WMS Slot


In 2013, WMS released one of its innovative slot products – the Spartacus – Gladiator of Rome slot. It quickly won the hearts of gamblers because of the crisp graphics, the availability of 1,000 paylines, and several bonus features. The game’s RTP is 96%, which combines perfectly with its medium variance, giving the gamers frequent and decent wins.

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Wizard of Oz WMS

Wizard of Oz

It’s hard to believe that the world-famous fairytale The Wizard of Oz was created over a century ago. The artists of WMS seem to know the buzz around the story and the 1939 musical quite well as they released four different slots, all exploring the theme from various angles.

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Zeus 3 Online Slot

Zeus 3

Do you want to call some godly creatures to help you score wins in the slot game? Then the Zeus 3 slot machine is an ideal choice; it has a full set of deities at your service. Each time a winning combo with them lands on the reels, you’re guaranteed a huge award.

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Zeus 1000 Slot

Zeus 1000

After the initial successes of Zeus 1, 2, and 3 slots produced by WMS, the company decided to release another hit with the same theme and features – Zeus 1000. It saw the world in 2015, and to date, it’s regarded as one of the provider’s best video slots due to 100 paylines and a variety of winning possibilities.

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Giant’s Gold Slot WMS

Giant’s Gold Slot

Fans of the fairytale-like slots featuring some mystical creatures giving away their riches are certain to like the Giant’s Gold slot. This slot game was released by WMS in 2013 and quickly won the hearts of gamblers due to quite many bonus features and a great win promise. With an RTP of 96.21% and medium to high volatility, the game is sure to continue conquering the hearts of gamblers worldwide.

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fire queen slot wms

Fire Queen Slot

The Fire Queen slot is a 2004 product by WMS that attracts the attention of both rookies and prophy players. It has quickly gained fame among the gamblers for an authentic gambling experience with the sounds of blazing flames and a captivating soundtrack able to conquer any heart.

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bier haus slot

Bier Haus

Are you a fan of beer and bars? Then the Bier Haus slot is surely a treat for you; this 2015 product of WMS takes the gamblers to a vibrant atmosphere of a German pub generous for the food and drinks and also promising hefty wins for the lucky. Its RTP is 96%, while its volatility is medium to high. Though such a combo doesn’t guarantee frequent wins, as soon as they do happen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the volume of the payout. So, let’s get the beet party started!

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Where to gamble in the UK

The UK is a great place to live. There are so many things to do on a day to day basis, and there are so many things to discover. There are also many ways to get yourself involved in some kind of debauchery since debauchery seems to be a part of the people who live in the United Kingdom. One of the many things to do in the UK is gambling, but no matter how many times you check the list of online casinos, they can’t always scratch that strange itch you have in the back of your chest. The itch to go out and feel risk when you are handling the cards, when you are playing with chips that you can touch and play around with at the table. Which is why we have decided to produce a list of land-based UK casinos, and in this case we mean London people, the rest of the UK we can talk about later, where you can go and actually enjoy the casino experience without having to end up playing with an electronic version of a game that can be perfectly well played while sitting at an actual table.

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