9 Chinese New Year Traditions to Up Your Gambling Luck

Gambling is a matter of strategizing and of luck. The more luck a person has the better is his chance to win in gambling online. Learn about Chinese gambling traditions that help you to win in online gaming.

China has very long traditions. Chinese believe the more traditions you follow, the greater will be your chance to put winning bets online. Make sure all the traditions to increase a chance to win.

The most interesting traditions

9 Chinese New Year Traditions to Up Your Gambling Luck

Chinese traditions that bring luck definitely be loved by you. Here are nine the most fascinating traditions:

  • Wear red underwear. It is a cool custom. The red color in China symbolizes luck. So, if you wear red underwear you will be able to play gambling profitably.
  • Feed a ghost baby. This customs seems very scary. Though, it is not. The Tradition says a player has to give some sure to a ghost girl. It will then bring him a lot of luck at the gaming table.
  • Saying Deng! This tradition is very symbolic. Players have to pronounce Deng! Deng! words before they look at their cards. It will bring them luck during a game.
  • Paying to Gods before visiting a gambling house. It is a good tradition in China to pray before gaming. Sometimes gamers also make a sacrifice. They sacrifice a basket of fruits.
  • Avoid being touched by someone when gambling. This custom says you will get bad luck if someone touches you while you play during New Year night. So, make sure that does not happen.
  • Never count money at the gaming table. It is a useful custom. It is also considered as a bad manner to count money at the table. This custom also forbids to count winning. Chinese believe it is really a bad idea to do that. Partially it is so because it will make others jealous about your winning.
  • No sex before going to a gambling house. Chinese believe if you have sex before gambling it will take all your energy. So, you will not have forces and concentration to play.
  • Play small. Chinese believes it is wiser to get small but stable winnings. That is why they advise avoiding big bets. It is a very reasonable piece of advice for gamers. Small but less risky bets let not to face the huge failure of losing much amount of money.
  • Do not wash hands if once you one. This is definitely a very controversial tradition. Though, it is still good to follow it. Chinese believe if a player won once he does not have to wash his hands until he wins again.

These are the most famous Chinese traditions that will help you to succeed when playing. Make sure to use them and to increase your luck to win. Following such customs will definitely be very beneficial.