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  • 3 Times You Should Tell Your Boss You Didn't Do Your Best Work

    In an ideal world, you'd give your all 100% of the time. In real life, you sometimes can't. Here's when and how to own up to it.

    Everyone has an occasional crisis of confidence. You're about to turn something in and you wonder, "Is it good enough?" Then, your next thought is, "Do I need to say something to my boss?"

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  • Three Ways Being A Great Mentor Helps Your Career

    Mentoring somebody isn't just an act of charity. Invest in the experience, and it can pay off on both sides.

    When you sign on to be a mentor to a junior employee, you probably think the arrangement is weighted in favor of the mentee. After all, the traditional dynamic sees you doing the bulk of the giving, while the latter just has to absorb your priceless wisdom and reap the rewards. But what you may not realize at first is just how much your own career stands to gain from the mentor experience.

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  • 7 Ways To Maintain Your Professional Network Without Annoying Your Contacts

    These simple tips can keep your name on your contacts' radar regularly but unobtrusively.

    Ever notice how moving forward in your career comes down to networking? Eighty percent of job openings are never publicly advertised, according to a 2013 Wall Street Journal article. That makes all those business cards you've collected and LinkedIn connections you've made extremely important.

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  • Three Better Ways To Start Your Next Presentation

    If you want to be remembered, do the opposite of what's expected. And don't waste time doing it.

    Here's a fact that most speakers?even experienced ones?tend to forget, even if they know it's true: People internalize the first things they hear much more quickly and effectively than whatever follows it. Your opening words count more in the minds of your listeners than most of what you say afterward.

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  • 6 Mistakes That Can Teach You The Most In Your Startup's Early Years

    Mistakes aren't all fatal. In fact, they're inevitable. Here are a few that new entrepreneurs can learn from the most.

    Every successful entrepreneur has horror stories. When it's you and your idea against the world?at least that's what it feels like during the dark midnight-oil-burning times?you're going to drop the ball, bite off more than you can chew, and make mistakes.

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