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  • Vine Launches On Apple Watch

    Vine is adding new functionality to its service, including an Apple Watch version.

    Vine has introduced some new features to its iOS app that are designed to get users to watch more video. The new functionality lets users find more, related videos to watch by swiping left on a currently playing video. The update also brings Vine to the Apple Watch for the first time.

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  • First New York, Now Chicago: AltSchool Continues Its Rapid Expansion

    In an exclusive interview, CEO Max Ventilla updates Fast Company on the micro-school startup's expansion plans.

    Micro-school startup founder Max Ventilla has a big ambition. He wants AltSchool?an expanding network of project-based private schools?to have as big an impact on education as his former employer, Google, did on information.

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  • How Apple Pay Plans To Take On China

    Apple is reportedly introducing its mobile payments service to China next year?but it faces stiff competition in Tencent and Alibaba.

    Come next year, Apple intends to bring Apple Pay to China, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal. Apple has inked deals with China's four largest state-owned banks, and the company's goal is to allow Chinese citizens to hook up Apple Pay with their existing bank accounts by February. Though Apple may still be subject to regulatory issues, its entry into the Chinese market could open up its mobile payments product to millions of potential new customers.

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  • Elon Musk Had A Snarky Reply To Jeff Bezos's First Tweet

    After a successful rocket test, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos tweeted the good news?but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had a few things to add.

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday morning sent his very first tweet, which announced the successful launch and landing of a New Shepard rocket built by Bezos's space company, Blue Origin.

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  • Jeff Bezos's Rocket Company Just Came A Step Closer To Carrying Humans To Space

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the successful launch and landing of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket.

    Between Boeing, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Xcor, and Blue Origin, the private space race is fully underway?and it appears that Jeff Bezos's space company, Blue Origin, is finally making some headway. After much speculation as to how far along in the development process the company's line of rockets was, Bezos announced today the successful launch and landing of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on Monday.

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