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  • At I/O, More Evidence of Google's Complicated Relationship With iOS

    Google has the luxury of competing?fiercely?with Apple's mobile operating system while simultaneously catering to Apple fans.

    A month ago at its Build conference, Microsoft announced plans to make it easy for developers to convert iOS and Android apps for Windows 10, with the goal of augumenting the app selection on its own operating system. At this week's I/O conference, it was Google's chance to portray the state of its relationship with Android and iOS. The company delivered, further evolving the complex and contrasting ways it runs both toward and against the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad?and sometimes just runs around it.

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  • Take The Fast Company News Quiz

    What happened this week? Here's our quiz for May 29, 2015.

    Did you follow the news this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events?and earn a special emoji badge. cool-face

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  • How Google's Material Design Will Come To Cars, TVs, and VR

    At Google I/O 2015, Matias Duarte unveils some of the biggest changes yet to Google's universal design language.

    A year ago, Android lead designer Matias Duarte announced Material Design. A system for designing apps graphically beautiful apps across all platforms and screen sizes which used motion and animations as a core design principle, not an afterthought, Material Design was a bold and breathtaking attempt by the search giant to deliver a unified digital design language that was applicable wherever Google's apps and services were.

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  • Snapchat And Twitter Can Also Transmit The iPhone Text Crash Bug

    Apple has yet to release a software update to protect iPhones from a malicious string of characters.

    Earlier this week, a string of characters in Chinese, Marathi, and Arabic, sent via text message, began crashing iPhones around the world. Apple released a temporary fix for getting the Messages app back up and removing the offending message, but it has yet to release a software update that will keep your phone from crashing next time the string of characters pops up on your phone.

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  • Google Unveils The Gmail Of Photos We've Been Wanting For Years

    Google Photos is as magical as apps get. Here's why.

    A couple weeks ago, Yahoo unveiled a new update to Flickr that made Flickr worth taking seriously again. But, as often happens in the world of tech, it only took two weeks for someone to release a photo service that makes Flickr's update look old hat. That was Google, which at yesterday's I/O 2015 conference unveiled Google Photos, a slick new service that is basically the Gmail for Photos we've wanted for years.

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