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New Law Makes It Easier To Ditch Used Electronics



      Greenspan is happy to announce the news that has been anxiously awaited for years: there is now a methodology (A legitimate way) for the average consumer to have their discarded electronics recycled WITHOUT paying a fee. Finally! This is no cliche- MUCH better late than never.
Oue company has long educated consumers that the proper recycling of discarded electronics was a task that required costs to accomplish. 'Responsible Recycling' basically means that all facets of the processes are accomplished in the US or another developed nation where there is an infrastructure in place to protect the work force and the environment. So, consumers bore the burden of deciding how to handle the old computer, laptop, printer, monitor and especially television when it was no longer working or needed.
Until recently, citizens of Pennsylvania were faced with three choices: 1. keep it in the garage or attic; 2. give it (has the word “donate” ever been more terribly misused) to someone/some company/some non profit that professed to be properly disposing of it 3. seek out, research and pay a legitimate reccycler to accomplish the recycling.
Unscrupulous 'discarded electronics' 'collectors called themselves recyclers and accepted items at no cost, financing their costs by selling the items to brokers who then sold them to be processed overseas where unprotected and underpaid workers desecrated an unprotected  environment.
Up until about 2006, many collectors made no secret that they were sending items overseas to fuel the abuse. The costs of doing that allowed them to actually profit, while those of us who chose to keep the equipment where it could be monitored in the US dealt with fees instead of profits. Exportation was usually technically legal although clearly unethical.
In the last 5 years, tightening legislation  and sporadic enforcement caused collectors to state that they were NOT sending items overseas. There was little checking, and only a few of the polluters got caught. (Levin Scandal and the 60 Minutes article)
 This website and many others have indisputable evidence that the landscapes of the developing world in India, China, Vietnam and other locations is littered with the non valuable remnants of equipment that began its end of life journey in the US. Here at a greenSpan , we are proud that none of that equipment began that journey from our facility

But now, thanks to the Covered Device Recovery Act (House Bill 708) Act 108 of 2010 (http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt?open=514&objID=589596&mode=2 ), the Commonwealth legislature has required that the manufacturers and sellers of computer related equipment must be responsible for providing a methodology that provides for the funding so that consumers do not have to pay for the recycling itself.
Among other principles, this law mandates that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers (Dell, Gateway, Sony, Hewlett Packard(HP); etc) and those selling their electronic devices must have a process in place to provide consumers an outlet to recycle these items at no basic charge.
Any developed infrastructure is going to require funding, either from fees paid from users or manufacturers or sellers.
But as of January 1, 2012, the Commonwealth has a new sheriff ,
Just as explanation, the collectors (A greenSpan Computer Recycling Inc is fulfilling this role) will collect these items, sort them, and ship them to 'downstream' vendors that will process them within one of the two leading electronic recycling standards; either the “E Steward's Standard for the Reuse and Responsible Recycling........” or the more liberal R2 standard. As a company, we participated in the BAN Pledge for almost 9 years until it was formalized into a Certification ; and we are pursuing that certification through one of the few licensing bodies authorized to monitor the certification process.We strictly adhere to those principles.

      So there is no basic charge for individual citizens to recycle their  equipment. The law does not cover other services that A greenSpan will continue to offer.
First, the BAN standard requires that we inform anyone bringing any equipment with a memory device installed (PCs, servers and even printers and scanners can retain consumer information) that this liability exists. We must offer to remove this information. The basic no charge service will include the deveice being securely stored until we destroy the memory device. Some consumers may elect to have the information formally erased prior to the destruction of the device, and there will be a reasonable charge to wipe the device clean with NIST procedures or US Department of Defense level  software. (This software IS NOT from the Department of Defgense; rather it meets their standard, usually known as 5220.22M). If the consumer wants a written Certification that the device was Recycled  Responsibly, we will charge $2.oo for each certfifcate to cover the cost of its preparation. We will be glad ti quote the costs of these services in advance, and their election is the customer's choice.
Along these lines, we must accept the equipment that has any memory retention potential directly from the customer. Unattended drop off sites are not permitted. Please call us to verify that we will be available to accept the equipment when you choose to come to our facility. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. For a further explanation, see:  Our Charges and Fees.


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