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We accept televisions and computer equipment for proper recycling at our facility in the Henry A Miller Recycling Center; 30 Ali Street; Pittsburgh, PA 15215. Our hours vary, but if you call first we will try to accommodate your schedule.

The following is our basic list of recycling fees. When you consider these fees, please remember that we are a legitimate recycler. Some companies advertise lower charges and even no charges. Please beware of this new trend in “ pollution disguise”. Self called “Recyclers” will represent that they are exporting your old equipment to be refurbished and reused, often with a heartfelt cover story about giving the underprivileged training and work in an undeveloped nation (China, India, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria etc). Trouble is, that equipment will almost NEVER be reused; it will be stripped for precious metals and the balance left lying in a developing nation to pollute. There is no one to assure that the equipment was reused; although any one with a knowledge of the resale industry will verify that most discarded equipment has no real value as working equipment, especially when shipping, repair and marketing costs are factored in.

Further, our “Certificate of Non Exportation and Responsible Recycling” that lists serial numbers and specifics is much more protective of your liability than a blanket certificate that avers compliance with “all local, state and federal laws” and lists no serial numbers.

 Standard Price List:

(There may be some exceptions to these charges, please call to verify your specific situation)

 CRT Monitors
 CRT 17 inches or smaller  $12.00
 CRT Over 17 inches

Computer Equipment

 PC (Towers, Desktops, Etc) $5.00
 All In One Units (Mac; Monitor and PC one unit)  $15.00
 Laptops $5.00
 Consumer/Small Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners
 Mice, Keyboards, Speakers No Charge
 Misc Cable(s), HDD's, CD/DVD Drive, (Reasonable Quantities)  No Charge



 Erasure Service Level
 NIST Secure Erase

(Call For Pricing)

Erasure/eradication of data from RAM,
HDD or other memory device; using US
Department of Defense 5220.22M or
equivalent software:                     

(includes Certification)

(Call For Pricing)

Erasure/eradication of data from memory
device using NIST technology:

(this is a device specific process)

(Call For Pricing)
Erasure/eradication of data from tape storage

(Call For Pricing)

Non Exportation and Responsible Recycling$2.00
Data Destruction and Data Erasure




 Under 15 inches  $10.00
 Between 16 inches and 39 inches
 $.75 per inches (i.e. a 20" is $15; a 32" is $24)
 Over 40 " or console: $35 $35.00


Other Items  
 Microwave Oven
 Stereos $5.00
 VCR/DVD/CD Players
 Cell Phones/Telephones



We offer a pick up service based on standard distance and difficulty charges. We will be glad to offer you a quote for this service

We are the only true recyclers in the greater Tri-State area (We do not send any hazardous waste to US land fills. We do not export any hazardous waste to developing nations as scrap and we do not send any waste into US prisons for processing). We furnish a CERTIFICATE OF NON EXPORTATION AND RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING complete with serial numbers.

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