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      A greenSpan considers the confidentiality of your data to be of the utmost importance.  All hard drives are erased with a standard drive format.  This is good for most customers but A greenSpan knows that some clients need and require the special attention that confidential data sanitization requires.

     This said one has to understand the conquences of recycling computers without having the data erased first. Methods exist that can be used to recover erased data.  Methods also exist that also erase data so it can never be retrieved from a drive again.  The old industry standard was to use standards created by the US DOD.  This standard has been replaced by new NIST standards.

     NIST standards call for the Secure Erase Command to be invoked on a drive in order for it to be erased properly.  This is the current spec and has been tested by the NSA and more. This is the current standard, regardless of anything in contradiction you might hear. We do acknowledge that the expense of utilizing NIST processes does cause many potential customers to settle for the Department of Defense standard 5220.22  For those clients, we offer a regimen of 12 passes with a software to that standard; usually Data Eraser or Kill Disk

    A greenSpan has the capability to match this spec and is able to utilize any other type of data eraser method the customer may choose.  Also, in the event that one would like to destroy a hard drive completely, even after an NIST or DOD erasure, A greenSpan utilizes proven hard disk obliteration techniques that will destroy your hard drive physically to be sure that your data can never be accessed again.  We also offer an indemnification from future liability for any improper recycling involving your equipment
Still not convinced?

 Taken from BAN.org this is an example of what has been found on hard drives that have not been properly destroyed:

Hard Drive Maker IBM Caviar Caviar Samsung
Likely computer owner/country

Great Britain

United States

United States
Washington, DC

United States
Washington, DC

Teacher/business owner Local Department of Health and Family Services Owner was employee of Dept of Commerce Owner was retired dentist
Examples of specific files recovered, containing confidential information Performance management scores for employees Gifts and Grants expenditure list WORD template for the World Bank Personal letter
Letter Resume and job application Private letter to family member Letter to Dept of Finance and Revenue
Disciplinary Letter to employee Stop Payment requests Curriculum vitae Curriculum Vitae
    Private letter to a friend  
    Memo on Social Investment Fund  

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