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    Electronic recycling includes not only desktop computers but also notebooks, monitors, printers, scanners, cellular phones, faxes, copiers, telecommunications equipment, or any other device that contains electronic circuitry. Computers make up the largest single segment.

    Lets think about the problems facing the issue of computer recycling. How does the computer in your office, warehouse, closet, or garage eventually find its way to the proper recycling sources? Computers must be handled in a very special manner. If a computer is mishandled, any potential reuse value will be lost. Once a computer is determined to be non-reusable it must be manually broken down into different recyclable components. Computers are made up of plastics, metals, and glass all intermixed in small packages. There are only a few plastic recyclers in the country capable of recycling the special plastics used in computers. There are only a handful of cathode ray tube recyclers in the country. There are less than a dozen metal refiners that can process the electronic boards found in a computer. In order for these recyclers to be efficient they must have huge facilities that process tons of product every day.

A greenSpan is your solution. 

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