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    We create an educational resource for schools and other educational organizations. They can register their existing systems in our extensive EduSpan data base and later track the systems' whereabouts as it proceeds to its 'end of life'. Information is available through this web site on issues involving electronics recycling and related issues.

    We provide a source for prospective non profits and other organizations in need of these 'mid life' machines to receive the technology and then have means and direction to dispose of it when it no longer serves their purpose.

    We offer individual consumers a means to responsibly dispose of their computers when they are finished with them. This is a tax-deductible opportunity and a chance to promote a responsible, environmental, "green" process that furthers the solution AND teaches children and adults alike to have concern for environmental issues. These individual units are registered in the A greenSCAN "Where Do Old Computers Go?" worldwide database where it will be tracked to help assure responsible end of life disposal.

    We interact with other organizations and businesses, both for profit and non profit, that share our concern for responsible environmental policy and procedure. While the stewardship and recycling of electronics is our primary purpose, we share information and support with these other fine groups. We are proud to participate in this "Green Movement".

    We arrange end of life disposal for computers and peripherals in accordance with safe and accepted environmental practices when systems are irreparable or truly obsolete. Our database and tracking registration seal allow consumers to arrange pick-ups or drop-offs of their computers anywhere allowed by law.

    We are also becoming a clearinghouse for maintaining the most efficient coordination of computer reuse and recycling information, trends, legislation, corporate policy, etc. affecting the environment.

    Additionally, governmental agencies can choose to utilize our information to develop policy and monitor the outcome of a computer's life cycle. As new information, ideas, techniques and statistics become available, A greenSpan provides contemporaneous access to the data.
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