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sound recycling

sound recycling



     A greenSpan utilizes environmentally sound procedures to consummate the recycling of the e waste. The pictures, articles and video (E-Waste Images, News, and Videos on the left) on our site demonstrate the pollution causing conduct common in the disposal of this e waste; or e scrap.  A greenSpan does not landfill any hazardous waste, does not export any E-scrap to developing nations, and does not utilize prison labor to dispose of computer waste. We have developed a strict business protocol by which these destructive practices are eliminated, and our processes are audited by third parties to ensure that these and other crucial standards (relating to data security, worker conditions, reporting requirements, air quality to name a few) are examined and maintained st strict safety levels)
    Protecting your original purchaser liability is always a first priority.  Some customers choose complete destruction, and we furnish our Certificate of Responsible Recycling, complete with their equipment’s serial numbers.

    Reuse and/or resale of the newer machines is the next priority. Newer machines can be resold to help offset the cost of disposal of the older machines, with our “A greenSCAN Tracking Tag” attached.  By attaching our “A greenSCAN Tracking Tag” to the machine, the recipient of the  machine is provided with a phone number to call to have it responsibly recycled when it is no longer of use.  For more information see Asset Recovery.

    Beyond complete destruction or asset recovery, some machines are only suitable for resale or donation to lower income users or donation to non-profits. This helps bridge the Digital Divide that has developed in the world.

    However, these recipients are usually and unfortunately the least likely to afford responsible recycling when they are finished using the machine. At that point, the machine would usually enter the waste stream in an environmentally undesirable point, such as a dumpster, local trash pickup, or an unscrupulous waste hauler with a business model that includes exportation to developing nations. With A greenSpan’s process, the price of tracking and eventually recycling the machine is accounted for before the machine is moved from A greenSpan. By attaching our “A greenSCAN Tracking Tag” to the machine, the recipient of the lower cost/free machine is provided with a phone number to call to have it recycled when it is no longer of use.
CRT Monitors

    Monitors provide the first challenge to responsible recycling. The average monitor contains 6-8 pounds of lead, mixed with the glass to insulate the radiation the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) to protect the user from the radiation generated in the CRT. This lead is unacceptable for landfills and is inseparable from the glass except by special procedures utilized by professionals who then recycle the glass and cullet to a glass company for re use. The copper from the core is reclaimed for reuse. The handling of these hazardous materials must be done properly to protect the workers.
    These protections are seldom observed in prison labor and almost never observed when the e-waste is dumped in a developing nation; such as India, Nigeria, or China.  Workers handle toxic chemicals with no protection and children play in the polluted countryside.  Be sure to check out our E-Waste Images, News, and Video sections (On the left) for up to date information on this and more.. Assuring that the CRTs are processed in North America is the first vital step in responsible recycling.
PCs and Circuit Boards
    In developing nations, precious metals present in small quantities are often removed manually by low cost labor ($1 - $2per day) using crude and antiquated methods which are deadly to the laborers.
    The smelter of the circuit board is another important process. Smelters can release extremely toxic chemicals into the air while melting the boards to reclaim the gold and other precious metals. All smelters do not maintain adequate pollution controls, particularly in developing nations. A greenSpan relies only on the smelters in developed nations with an acceptable track record.
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