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Budgeting Conflicts

    The disposal of computer equipment is such a new problem for businesses, schools and even government agencies that there are usually no proper procedures in place. Usually, budgeting is non-existent. The surplus equipment exists, but no specific department is designated as responsible for its removal. The IT department has not accounted for the disposal money-wise, and the building maintenance/housekeeping services often see it as a "throw it in the regular trash dumpster" solution because that's all their budget has ever allowed. Donating equipment to charity only delays disposal liability and sell-off programs cost money to implement and often result in the expectation of continued 'tech support' from the buyer. Larger companies are now figuring that disposal constitutes between 5% - 7% of the IT budget. To put that in perspective, 15% is allotted for the purchase of the equipment in the first place, or "procurement". (The balance is salary, supplies, repairs). But there are further costs for not disposing quickly and properly.

High Price of Storage

    From the IT perspective, companies that store older electronic equipment are essentially paying 'rent' each month on non-income-producing assets. IDC, a large computer market analyst, estimates that most corporations store old computer equipment for up to three years at a cost of about $360 per machine, and then pay an additional $218 for its eventual disposal. The equipment continues to depreciate in value AND the company is paying storage Even where machines are too obsolete for resale, it is clearly advantageous to get them into a responsible chain of recycling.

    At A greenSpan, we remove the machines from your site quickly and efficiently. We provide an inventory of the removal, including serial numbers of the monitors and CPUs. We can provide certification of the larger units destination and environmentally sound recycling. All monitors and CPUs are tagged with the A greenScan Tracking Tag that directs the user to call A greenSpan when it is time to dispose of the machine. A greenSpan warrants to receive that machine and recycle it properly.

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