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 The Current Solution for TVS

    With the new federal requirements that all television sets receive digital signals, many people are purchasing new televisions and need to find a proper destination for the old set. But before you decide to replace your analog television, remember that many analog TVs can be converted to digital capability by obtaining a converter box from an electronics store. There are also federal coupons available to assist in the purchase of these boxes. However, once you have decided to recycle your older set, please contact us online via our contact us link or call 1-866 90g span (1 866 904 7726) for more information.

    We do not put televisions into landfills nor do we send them overseas as scrap to be stripped and left as pollution. Please beware of any so called ‘recyclers’ who do not charge fees for devices with cathode ray tubes (crt) in them. This includes tvs and computer monitors. They cannot be properly disposed of for free.  Request a Certificate of Non Exportation with your television's serial number.  Most companies will refuse to provide it.  At A greenSpan, we provide for the dismantling of these devices within the United States, where reusable glass, metals and plastics can be reclaimed, using safe labor practices.

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