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What We Do  (Our Services and Processes)

We offer corporations and businesses an outlet for the systems they are discarding. We pick up obsolete systems and peripherals for a reasonable fee. This has a three-fold benefit:

1) Newer systems are refurbished and resold where feasible. Hard Disc Drives (HDDs) are wiped clean of their information for security protection, or destroyed. Often the business will receive a return from the resale of some machines. When resold the machines are sold with A greenSCAN Tracking Tag. When requested A greenSpan will totally dismantle the machines.

2) Some systems are redirected to other locations (adult literacy programs, schools, private programs, for children's computer education programs, etc.). HERE, A greenSpan SOLVES ANOTHER PROBLEM. Without A greenSpan’s services, the recipients will be hard pressed to responsibly dispose of them once these systems are obsolete. So, in effect, the donation has postponed the problem and passed it on to the non-profit, with the original purchaser (your business) maintaining responsibility and liability for proper disposal. We provide a solution by PRECYCLING and tagging the machines with our A greenSCAN Tracking Tag!

3) Unusable machines are dismantled and the pieces responsibly recycled. Your business is charged a flat fee for the pick up and disposal of the systems.

For example, monitors are shipped to glass to glass recyclers who recover the precious metals and recycle the glass and cullet from the CRT tubes to glass companies who reuse the glass, often in the manufacture of new CRTs. Circuit boards are smelted only in developed nations by responsible recyclers. A greenSpan does not put any hazardous materials into domestic landfills nor export them overseas for dumping. See the results of this unethical exporting in our news section.


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